Who We Are?

We are female focused Nonprofit Organization based in Sierra Leone that works to positively impact and uplift the lives of vulnerable and deprived women and girls in impoverish communities who will in return HELP EVERYONE RISE.  Some of our key focuses are fighting against gender inequality, poverty, injustices, teenage pregnancy and early marriage, social exclusion and empowering marginalized and disadvantaged communities to be productive and become agents of change to lead their own development for socio-economic growth.

We promote equality and justice and put women and girls’ issues firmly on the development agenda, thus giving them a voice.

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International youth day

Young people taking the lead to end social injustice and inequality.

2019 seminar

Campaigning to have the rights of every woman and girl recognized and amended. We stand against injustice and inequality.


“Together men and women should walk side by side for sustainable development”. We are passionate and dedicated to helping women and girls that come from disadvantaged backgrounds and suffer in silence.

Women and Girls Abuse campaign

Standing up against abuse and violence. #everygirlmatters


Determined and dedicated to changing the narrative, teenage pregnancies are on the rise, and we decided to use Valentine’s Day to focus on empowerment and education to inspire and motivate young girls to reach for the best where their futures are concerned, instead of being lovers at this tender age and end up been just another statistic.

Hygiene packs Donations

Educating and engaging with girls in deprived households and communities regarding hygiene and sexual health education to prevent the and reduce the rate of teenage pregnancies within the country while still controlling the spread of Covid-19 in these areas where they are not aware of the signs and transmission of the virus.

Diginity kit

In collaboration with Dream Again Orphanage, commemorating the African Child’s Day. The “Pack4Her” campaign provided deprived and marginalised girls with with sanitary materials to help keep them in school. We are working on breaking the barriers and not allowing menstruation to hold girls back from achieving all that they can academically.

School Debate & Spelling Competition for girls

Providing girls with platforms to engage in school and develop themselves, the debate and spelling competition not only showed the girls their capabilities and that they are winners but it also allowed the two schools with 15 desks and chairs each to further support the girls and their education.

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Women and Girls

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