Who We Are?

We are female focused Nonprofit Organization based in Sierra Leone that works to positively impact and uplift the lives of vulnerable and deprived women and girls in impoverish communities who will in return HELP EVERYONE RISE.  Some of our key focuses are fighting against gender inequality, poverty, injustices, teenage pregnancy and early marriage, social exclusion and empowering marginalized and disadvantaged communities to be productive and become agents of change to lead their own development for socio-economic growth.

We promote equality and justice and put women and girls’ issues firmly on the development agenda, thus giving them a voice.

Every donation big or small makes a difference.

Donate to touch life.

Our Aim

We aim to earnestly work to empower vulnerable and deprived women and girls in marginalized and remote communities to become productive and successful who in return HELP EVERYONE RISE.

 We believe that women are the pillars of strength and a dynamic force for the well-being of families, communities and the nation as a whole. By increasing their knowledge, skills, social protection and putting them at the centre of development and change, we will create a ripple effect throughout every household and community for a better tomorrow for everyone.

Our Partnerships/Sponsors